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Contributions from generous donors, such as yourself, allows us to expand and continue to bring new lessons to the DCIR platform. Below are a few of our yearly financial responsibilities and possibilities. For those of you who have contributed financially, we are grateful to you in helping however you are able. Because of your donation we will continue our mission to support children with lessons that build fine motor skills, visual communication skills and confidence. Your donation is considered a tax donation and we can issue you a 501c3 tax write off letter in the amount that you choose to contribute. For those of you who have not yet given to our organization, we hope you join our cause today and kindly donate. THANK YOU!


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Local Research

  • Implementation of a new three year University research study as well as a three year local school research study



  • Staff Wages

An interesting and very unique donation we received to help support our efforts.
– The Elizabeth Stone Collection

Elizabeth spent many years in support of children’s books, the art shown within the book pages, and the illustrations that created the memorable imagery we know and love. She is wise in years and has given her collection to us so that we may continue to spread the joy of illustrations to others. In this collection, we now have hundreds of pieces. Many of them are original works from published books, and we have numerous signed, limited edition prints for sale as well. She even gave us many first edition children’s books. We are grateful to her for so many things! Thank you, Elizabeth!

The Elizabeth Stone Project

Promoting the art of children and children’s book illustrations.

We’ve displayed a few pieces from this incredible collection below. Visit our store to purchase any of these fine works. We will be adding more to the Elizabeth Stone Section of the store in the future. Contact us if you are interested in any other pieces from the Elizabeth Stone Project Collection. We would be happy to talk to you about the artwork.

Email – [email protected]

Margie Moore, original
Gracie Lin, print
Gennady Spirin, print
Patrick O’Brien, original
Margaret Rey, print
Lynn Munsinger, print
Emily Arnold McCully, original