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Below are digital flipbooks we’ve created to help you understand the benefits of drawing, why it’s beneficial to do so, how we got started, why hands matter, why pencil grip matters, and more. Click on the books to expand your view and hit escape when you’re finished reading the book and want to get back to this page.

We have developed an assessment booklet that is given to a child at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. Students will do a few of our assessment drawing lessons in the booklet, a few sight word practices throughout the year, as well as other pages that assess letter formation, transformation abilities, copying illustrations to assess how closely they drew the illustration, and more. These booklets are printed in color, on legal-sized cardstock paper, folded, and stapled. We have a unique one for pre-school, kindergarten, first, and second grades. These provide great visual evidence of a child’s fine motor abilities and the progress they make throughout the year. They’re great tools to present to the child’s teacher the following year. It will be apparent what a child is capable of existing one grade and areas still needing work for the following year. From these booklets a teacher, administrator and parent will see a child’s ability to draw the pre-writing strokes, numbers, letters, formation, attention to detail, and how well they can duplicate simple images they have or will draw in the project’s lessons. For kindergarten, first and second grade we have a writing component as well that will showcase a child’s writing skills, creative ideas, and illustrations that go along with their stories. These assessments are built into our curriculum and are included in a student’s package when their school signs up for implementation.

Pencil Grip Cover Sample
Pre-K Sample
Kindergarten Sample
Actual Second Grade

Assessment Video Lessons